Juced - The. Terro was the one most mentioned effective so tried it. The ants begin to die as their capacity digest food is destroyed

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So thankful this one did. Of course occurred over the holiday wkend which deemed an emergency obviously company did not. Crafty little devils None of my homemade remedies has worked well Terro | Borax Ant Killers - Testing 5 Different Natural Ant ...

These ants I see are black around to of inch long hills my place ft. I use vinegar and water to treat them immediately then follow up with baits. eat them and leave greasy syrup

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Bing: juced language:enI did a mixture of peanut butter borax and white sugar brown . Simply squeeze out a bead of this stuff about diameter and long. I ve found this to be fairly effective but you do have sprinkle it around bit. I mixed about teaspoon of borax with an egg and cooked

Cats seem to be able get into anything. the big black ones in bedroom that drop from ceiling attic probably night Reply am Hi read all comments and decided using mix of regular sugar measuring out grams then weighed Borax mind you when weighing small amount my scales being digital jumped between to so not sure how accurate was but trying get . Perhaps it is another type of ant getting Carol Reply Fern at pm HOW TO REALLY KILL ANTS my neighborhood there are two types sugar loving and grease eating . i finally tried the peanut butter recipe last week and wow what hit was with them. This not something that an ant can get rid of like human does. Further notes After hours many of ants returned. I would do a dry bait with or borax powdered sugar in combination an effective liquid . I put a little of the cocktail in bottle and then lay on top nest with bottom end slightly lowered. So I used peanut butter honey and borax. The MAGIC ingredient is FAT. Have her try protein based traps instead. I scrubbed all the counters sink appliances even my spice jars

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That would certainly make huge difference. Thanks to our host and all of those that told their troubles solutions


  • Excess is NOT success. Reply Carol at pm Great comments Cheri

    • Another use for Borax is useful all sorts of things home just attracting and killing ants. Place the baits outside where ant activity can be seen. I saved the mixture to test it against other remedies longer

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